About us

The Sindicato Nacional da Indústria do Cimento -SNIC (National Union of the Cement Industry) was founded in 1953, with head-office in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It was constituted with the objectives of study, dissemination and legal representation of the economic category “Cement Industry”, considered as the integrated activity of exploration and processing of mineral substances and their chemical transformation into clinker and subsequent milling, in Brazilian territory.

In the sphere of administrative and judiciary authorities, SNIC represents the general interests of the category, and the individual interests of its associates.

Among its principal responsibilities are collaboration with the State, as technical and consultative organ, in the study and solution of problems related to the cement industry, and the provision of legal and technical assistance in subjects such as economy, taxation, the environment, mining, accident prevention and safety at work.

SNIC’s main attributes are:

+ Macro accompanying of the market and indicators of economic performance;

+ Prospective studies of macroeconomic demand scenarios;

+ Responsibility for the collection, consolidation and dissemination of statistics for Brazilian cement production, dispatch and consumption;

+ To accompany subjects of interest to the sector with the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary powers;

+ Relations with federal and state government agencies and private institutions;

+ Institutional relations with the media, as spokesman for the sector.

Consulting board
Walter Herbert Dissinger - President
Roberto Castelani - Vice President
Andre Sorin Martin
Adauto Araujo Farias Jr.
Bruno Miguel Fernandes Pinto
José Eduardo Ferreira Ramos
Luis Sergio Gandolfi
Manuel António de Sousa Martins
Nelson Tembelini Junior

Alexandre Roncon Garcez de Lencastre
Amarildo dos Santos Lima
Eduardo do Amaral Andrade
Glaura Hadje Kartalian
Horácio José Carlos de Mendonça
Luiz Eduardo Taliberti
Ricardo Fonseca de Mendonça Lima
Ricardo Luiz de Freitas Nogueira
Rodrigo Pereira Dias

Board of Directors

Executive President
Paulo Camillo Vargas Penna

Executive Director
Carlos Lima Maia

Sindicato Nacional da Indústria do Cimento • Rua da Assembleia, 10 - grupo 4001 - Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - CEP: 20011-901 • (21) 2531-1314 | 3553-1266